In a moment: The IEEE Standards Association has announced the establishment of an open source collaboration platform based on GitLab. Read how it differs and what the benefits are.

The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to the promotion of technology. The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is an organization within the IEEE that develops global standards in various industries.

The IEEE Standards Association (SA) invented the open source collaboration platform IEEE SA Open.

Technically, it’s a self-hosted copy of GitLab in combination with Mattermost (inactive alternative) and the GitLab pages. For a more detailed description, the official post mentions the blog:

The platform enables independent software developers, start-ups, industrial companies, academic institutions and others to create, test, manage and implement innovative projects in a collaborative, secure and responsible environment.

What makes it different from others or is it useful?

The main attraction of this platform will be the network of IEEE members, technical expertise and resources.

IEEE chairman Robert Fish also briefly mentions (in an interview with Radio Kan) how this is different and why the IEEE wanted to do this:

Today, most of the world’s infrastructure is managed by software, and this software has to meet standards in communication networks, electricity networks, agriculture, and so on.

It makes sense – if we want to improve standardization technologies, it strongly depends on the software. It is therefore a kind of standardization of innovative open source projects in order to adapt them to the potential of capital.

The IEEE has also made this clear:

With the increasing spread of software in today’s world, ethical consistency, reliability, transparency and democratic governance are becoming imperative. The IEEE is particularly well placed to give these attributes to open source projects.

That sounds good, but what exactly is the IEEE open source platform? Well, let’s see:

IEEE SA Open: Brief overview

IEEE is launching its Open Source Collaboration Platform

First of all, it is open to everyone and its use is completely free of charge. Just create an IEEE account and log in to the open source platform to get started.

In addition to the benefits of the extensive network of IEEE members, you can also count on the support of their open source community managers or community members.

IEEE is launching its Open Source Collaboration Platform Ieee Gitlab

The platform provides sample applications for standard and non-standard projects that you can test.

When you choose GitLab in combination with Mattermost and Pages, you get a number of useful features:

  • Characteristics of project planning and management
  • Source code management
  • Features for testing, code quality and continuous integration
  • Docker’s container register and integration of Kubernetes
  • Possibilities to share and deploy applications
  • Integrated Mattermost discussion forum with flash controls; (Android and iPhone applications are fully supported)
  • The possibility of bridging the gap between the standard and the open source development communities, allowing faster progress to be made with operational and creative technical solutions.
  • A secure open space with a binding code of conduct.


It is clear that having more platforms is good for increasing the potential impact of open source projects – so the IEEE initiative looks promising at first sight.

What do you think? Let me know what you think.

IEEE is launching its Open Source Collaboration Platform

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